International Exhibition for Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products, Food and Beverages


21-22 September, 2022

ProStorExpo is the largest agricultural fair on processing and storage of agricultural products, food and beverages which holds the leading position within the agricultural sector of Ukraine, combining innovative solutions on the stages of production, storage, processing and transportation of agricultural products.

Agricultural complex is a key sector of the Ukrainian economy and export of agricultural products is growing rapidly. In a competitive market it is particularly important to increase the share of exports of agricultural processed products and ready for consumption foods.

The International Fair brings together the key players in the agricultural sector in form of specialized event. Optimal conditions crated for an effective dialogue between manufacturers of the equipment and machinery, sowing material and plant protection products; industry experts, government representatives, aiming to share experiences, establish business contacts and sign contracts.

The International Fair offers the following activities:

Practical Conference:  Modern technologies of cultivationharvestingstorage of agricultural products, food and beverages,  with the participation of the foreign experts and companies

Testing events

Trade Fair on organic products and conservation


  • modern technologies in cultivation, harvesting and storage of agricultural products;
  • processing equipment for agricultural products;
  • storage equipment for agricultural products;
  • laboratory equipment and methods of agricultural lands and products analysis;
  • organic plant growing products;
  • processing equipment for vegetables and fruits;
  • milk processing and dairy products manufacturing;
  • equipment for harvesting, storage and processing of grapes and wine production;
  • brewing industry;
  • equipment for hops processing;
  • equipment for honey processing;
  • plant protection products (organic plant protection products);
  • equipment for processing and storage of fish products;
  • hangars, storages, shelters, quickly mounted structures (framed, frameless, mounted);
  • decisions for temporary storage of agricultural products;
  • cooling, storage and conservation (canneries);
  • vegetables and fruits drying;
  • processing and storage of vegetables and fruits;
  • processing and storage of fruits and berries;
  • seedlings;
  • dryers for agricultural products;
  • sorting, packaging, technologies and equipment for processing of agricultural products after harvesting;
  • equipment for pasta production;
  • equipment for chips production;
  • wood processing;
  • packaging (packaging of agricultural products);
  • laboratory equipment for testing of agricultural raw materials and products;
  • equipment for transportation of agricultural products;
  • cargo-lifting equipment;
  • agricultural economy;
  • information technologies.

International Exhibition for Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products, Food and Beverages  ProStorExpo

21-22 September, 2022

NC Expocenter of Ukraine 1, Acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kiev, Ukraine

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