Oil and Fat Industry


International specialized exhibition

Oil and Fat  Industry

September 21 – 22, 2022


  • agricultural technologies, biotechnologies;
  • production technologies, processing, storage, saving;
  • seeds;
  • equipment for cleaning, calibration, drying, seeds staining;
  • extraction and processing of oil and vegetable fat;
  • production of plant proteins, margarines, mayonnaise;
  • production of culinary and confectionery fats;
  • production of toilet and laundry soap;
  • oilseeds processing for feed production;
  • oilseeds processing for biofuel industry;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • equipment and machinery;
  • presses and pressing equipment;
  • refining equipment;
  • equipment for laboratories;
  • instrumentation and automatics;
  • standardization, certification, metrology;
  • quality control of agricultural products, certification, labeling, national standards and technical conditions;
  • packaging, storage equipment;
  • energy saving in fat and oil industry;
  • special transport;
  • loading transport and equipment;
  • safety of logistic facilities.

International Agricultural Fair on processing and storage of agricultural products «Oil and Fat  Industry» is a platform for dialogue between representatives of fat and oil enterprises. Exhibition aims to promote modern advanced technologies of fat and oil production.

Exhibition will feature seeds, plant protection technologies, raw materials, equipment, advanced technologies of fat and oil production, new methods of control equipment for oilseeds processing and storage, animal feed production, laboratory and measuring equipment, high-quality products from natural ingredients etc.

Within business program of «Oil and Fat  Industry» there will be considered the most pressing issues of industry related to newest technologies that increase profitability, improve quality control of output products. Discussions will be held with participation of domestic and foreign experts of agricultural sector.

All participant of International specialized exhibition «Oil and Fat  Industry» can participate and make a presentation at scientific – practical seminar. Don’t miss the opportunity to express yourself and your products.

 Kiev at NC “Expocenter of Ukraine”   September  21-22  2022

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